Intended parent or donor genetic counseling.

When you're in the process of planning your family, you want everything to go smoothly. Genetic counselors are specifically trained to perform a thorough family history assessment to identify genetic risks, simplify complex genetic concepts into clear and easily understandable terms, and guide you through the various genetic testing choices as you work towards a healthy pregnancy.

Donor genetic consultation.

Our genetic counselor will meet with your donor to gather their family medical history in order to identify potential risks that may not be detected through standard genetic testing. Research indicates that individuals conceived through donors, as well as their parents, attach great significance to the donor's family medical history for various reasons. Intended parents seek to establish a sense of trust and compatibility with their chosen donor, recognizing the significance of this information for their child's identity, healthcare, and future family planning. In certain cases, our genetic counselors may propose further genetic testing based on newly acquired insights during this consultation.

Intended parent genetic consultation.

A genetic consultation with Thallo Health can encompass various elements tailored to your specific inquiries. These may involve a comprehensive review of your genetic carrier screen results, an evaluation of your family history, and the exploration of personalized testing alternatives. Additionally, we offer the possibility of supplementary genetic testing for you, your pregnancy, or your embryos, which can provide greater clarity regarding the risk of certain diseases.

By meeting with Thallo Health's genetic counselor, you can gain the insights necessary to make well-informed decisions related to donor selection, testing choices, and early intervention strategies to proactively address potential disease risks for your child.

our process

The genetic counseling process.

For donors.

Your donor will fill out a thorough questionnaire regarding any diseases affecting either themself or their family members. To ensure accuracy, they will engage in detailed discussions with their relatives. Following an interview with our genetic counselor, you will receive a comprehensive report outlining the diseases present in their family, along with any suggested follow-up testing or screening options for both the donor and your child.

For intended parents.

Thallo Health's genetic counselor will inquire about your family history, delving into the current health status of living relatives and obtaining information about the age and cause of death of deceased family members, including siblings, parents, aunts/uncles, grandparents, and cousins. We will provide guidance on interpreting your combined carrier screen results and assist in arranging any additional testing you may wish to pursue. Rest assured, our support remains available should you require assistance with genetic information in the future.

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