Nicole A.

Director of Clinical Services

Nicole is a nationally certified Licensed Professional Counselor, who is licensed to practice counseling in several states including Arizona, Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, and Mississippi. She holds a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling and has been working within the field of mental health in a variety of different capacities for over 12 years.

Her work experience comprises inpatient treatment settings utilizing intensive family therapy and experiential modalities, in-home therapy services around parenting and child psychology, community-based services in underprivileged areas, and development and implementation of programming and interventions to promote social-emotional skills in educational settings and detention centers. She has been working solely in private practice for several years now focusing her time on relationships, communication, boundaries, self-regulation, trauma, neurobiology, and identity exploration.

Nicole is a proponent of existential and cognitive behavioral therapy methodologies, and she also enjoys tailoring an individualized approach for each client she has the honor to work with. We all need guidance and support from time to time to process the myriad of struggles that life throws our way. Whether you are building a family or supporting the journey of another family, Nicole is here to help along the way.

License number(s):
LPC4074, LPC19504, TPMC1103, LCPC8578, LPC2262, LPC180290, LPC0018627, LCPC64857
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