Dr. Michelle M.

Dr. M is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Connecticut and is PSYPACT credentialed to practice in an additional 27 states. She received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology, with a subspecialty in health psychology, from the University of Hartford in Connecticut.

Dr. M has over 15 years of clinical experience providing individual and group therapy and conducting psychological evaluations and pre-surgical psychological assessments. She has worked with all age groups in diverse settings including private practice, primary care, hospitals, and specialty medical centers. Dr. M has a particular interest in metabolic health, obesity treatment, and management of eating disorders. She has 10 years of experience performing pre-surgical bariatric assessments and working with individuals in medical weight loss programs. She is trained in evidence-based practices, favoring cognitive and behavioral approaches, and believes in being flexible to meet individuals’ unique goals and needs.

Dr. M was introduced to the world of assisted reproduction through her own personal experiences with infertility. Knowing firsthand the emotional and physical challenges involved, she has great compassion for the intended parents, donors, and gestational carriers with whom she works. Dr. M feels honored and privileged to be able to support others on their journeys to become parents, just as she was previously supported on hers.

Dr. M lives in Connecticut with her husband, two children, and dog. She enjoys being active outside, attending her children’s sporting events, and going on family outings. Some of her favorite activities include dancing, hiking, and volunteering at the local animal shelter.

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